EWS Full Form: What is EWS Certificate and How to Apply for EWS Certificate?

Different steps are taken from time to time by the government to wedge the economic gap that prevails in our society. One of the most recent steps is reservations for EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and DG (Disabled Group). In this blog, we are going to talk about different aspects of this EWS certificate the benefits that it has, and its making procedure. You will get to know how this will help people in kick-starting their careers and rise high from the shackles of the financial crunch.

What is the EWS Full Form?

EWS full form is Economically Weaker Sections and is a term used to refer to that section of society that earns below a certain threshold. In this, the economic insecurity of a person is determined on the basis of income along with other financial considerations like household, ancestral property, and many others. To be legally considered in this category a person needs to obtain an EWS certificate and after that, they can get reservations in different fields and ample other financial assistance. This certificate must be understood in the terms of public policy according to the constitution that demands economic, political, and social justice.

Recently, the central government of India has implemented a 10 percent reservation quota for the people of the general category who hold the EWS certificate. It will help them in accessing better opportunities. Some of its main objectives are:

  • Destabilize economic weakness
  • Increase the literacy rate of the nation
  • Create better employment opportunities
  • Give a push to economically backward people

What is EWS Certificate?

In simple words, EWS stands for the Economically Weaker Section and the EWS certificate is an Income and asset certificate issued to this vulnerable section. It is a certificate that works as proof that a person belongs to that particular income group. This certificate helps people in getting advantage of a lot of facilities offered by the government, especially in the education sector. A lot of times people confuse an EWS certificate with a caste certificate but they are two completely different things. The only thing similar in them is the manner they work in. Caste certificate helps people in getting reservation on the basis of their caste and EWS helps people in accessing reservation on the basis of their income.

The certificate is issued by the local authority based on a lot of criterias like family income and assets possessed by them. This certificate is an initiative by the government to help the weaker sections of the society access better opportunities in different fields like jobs and education. It is eligible in both school education and higher education.

Eligibility criteria to get an EWS certificate

One can just not go and obtain an EWS certificate as there is a certain criterion that a person needs to meet to fall into this category. Three main factors on which the EWS certificate is based are annual income, residential plot, and property. A person is eligible for an EWS certificate only when the following points are matched:

  • The annual income of the whole family should not be more than INR 1,00,000
  • They should not belong to any other reservation categories like SC, ST, and OBC
  • The area of agricultural land must be less than 5 acres
  • The plot area of the residence should not exceed 200 sq. meters
  • The flat area of the residence should not exceed 1000 sq. meters

Document required to get EWS certificate

We all are well aware of the fact that government procedures require a lot of paperwork and getting an EWS certificate is no different. Mentioned below are some necessary documents that you will need while applying for the certificate:

  • ID proof
  • Income Certificate
  • Property or land documents
  • Residential proof
  • Aadhaar card
  • Self-declaration form
  • A Passport size photograph
  • Other relevant documents

Application Fee for EWS Certificate

There is no fixed sum that a person needs to pay to get this certificate. As it involves a bit of a legal angle the only money you need to pay is INR 2 for the court stamp. While making the application a court stamp is also required with the form. Other than this no amount of money is charged in the whole procedure of certificate making.

Authorities Issuing EWS Certificate

Every government work is handled by a different authority or department so that things can flow smoothly. A person needs to contact the local authority of their area, it can be anyone like District Magistrate, Additional District Magistrate, Collector, Deputy Commissioner, Additional Deputy Commissioner, 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate, Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Taluka Magistrate, Executive Magistrate, Extra Assistant Commissioner. To make it more precise, EWS income and asset certificates can be issued by the Tehsildar of the area.

By following a small procedure of filling out the form, getting a court stamp, and submitting all the required documents and income proofs, a person can easily get their EWS certificate ready.

Benefits of EWS Certificate in a Job

The government keeps on taking steps to help the weather sections of society and especially those who lack finances. EWS Certificate is one such step in that direction. Once a person gets this certificate ready, they can get a lot of benefits in the field of government jobs. The government has announced 10% reservations in banking and government jobs for the people who hold this certificate. It works in the same way as reservations for minorities. So, it will assist financially backward people to get better government jobs and banking jobs.

Benefits of EWS Certificate in Education

Getting an EWS certificate not only assists in getting better jobs but also in accessing better education. It provides 10% reservations for appointments in educational institutions. It is an all-India quote that implements in both undergraduate and postgraduate and various other higher studies. While checking for admission you can see a different column for EWS admission. Getting admission to colleges that fall under the jurisdiction of the state or central government becomes much easier for the person. 

Mentioned below are other education-related benefits that EWS can offer to its holders:

  • Getting into a medical course in state medical colleges
  • Getting into a dental course in state dental colleges
  • This reservation also implies civil posts and civil services
  • Admissions to educational institutions
  • A lot of assistance in school admissions is also given
  • Students can also get benefits in scholarships exams with the help of this certificate
  • It can assist students in high-level exams like NEET, JEE, CAT, and various other
  • Many private institutions also hold reservations for people with an EWS certificate
  • A person with DG or EWS certificate can also apply under the general category

Thus, we hope that all your queries regarding EWS, EWS Full form, and EWS certificate are answered and that now you have a better understanding of how this certificate can help you in different walks of the admission process and getting a job. You can have a look at our website to know more about EWS admissions at Delhi Schools.

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