School Admission Dates in Sonipat 2022-2023


September 2021
No schools available
October 2021
No schools available
November 2021
No schools available
December 2021
Tentatively known
January 2022
Tentatively known
February 2022
Tentatively known
March 2022
No schools available
April 2022
No schools available
May 2022
No schools available
June 2022
No schools available
July 2022
No schools available
August 2022
No schools available

Frequently Asked Questions

Different schools start their admission process in different months. You can check the admission dates for all schools in Sonipat at UniApply. You can plan your child's admission schedule and set reminders using the at UniApply.
You can check dates for Nursery admission in Sonipat. Use theto keep track of admission deadlines.
Admission end date varies for different schools in Sonipat, you can checkout the admission dates for all schools in Sonipat at UniApply.
Most schools in Sonipat ask for aadhar card, photo of parents and birth certificate of child for school admission. To know more about the admission process for schools near you, you can search for the same at UniApply.
Schools in Sonipat accept applications for children below the age of 4 years as on 31st March of the year in which the admission is sought. You can apply for Sonipat school at
At UniApply, you can see the list and details of all schools near you.
Earlier parents had to submit an offline form on the school counters to apply to the respective schools. Now they can easily fill and submit the online form. At UniApply, parents have the ability to fill one form and use the same to apply to multiple target schools.
To get admission in Sonipat schools, you need to choose the schools you want to apply for. You need to click on Apply button for the class where you want to enroll your child.
Fill the child profile.
Make the payment.
Submit application form.
Your application form fee will be submitted to school in real time, through a secured payment method.
It seems you have blocked the location.
It is required to find out the nearest school.