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Competitive Exams After 12th

Well, we all have a misconception that schooling life is tough. The stress of board examinations is something that every student is scared of and another thing that... read more

  6 Min Read

International Yoga Day 2022

In December 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared the commencement of the celebration of Yoga to commemorate its health benefits. Thus, every year 21st June is celebrated... read more

  4 Min Read

Science vs Commerce

Shall I go for science or commerce? This question has barely spared anyone choosing between science vs commerce! The pressure of opting for the right stream starts as... read more

  5 Min Read

CBSE vs IB Board: Which Board is Better?

Introduction The initial education in the schools plays a very crucial role in molding a child for the future. Therefore, for the overall development of the child, it... read more

  10 Min Read

What is the Montessori Method of Teaching?

Introduction We know finding a preschool can be an irksome cycle. This pursuit of finding the perfect preschool depends on myriad factors such as the teaching mechanisms followed... read more

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