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Explore our resources to keep yourself informed and updated with recent developments and progress in School Education Industry.

With UniApply's Resources, we connect with our stakeholders and broaden our understanding of the education industry. These separate resources are our way of learning and appreciating the work done by leaders and teachers. Join us in expanding the horizons with the best interactive sessions with School Education Industry Experts.

ReImagine brings us closer to the industry experts who are continuously thriving to get the best results in transforming the way Schools cater to a child's education. Face to Face, as the names suggests, is a series of candid conversations with experts from school industry who give us an insight about the challenges they face in building an educational environment in our country on both individual and social levels. Awards is an initiative taken by UniApply to appreciate the works of educators and education professionals who provide an exceptional teaching and learning environment.



School Leadership Virtual Webinar Series

On-demand Webinars showcasing esteemed industry experts sharing their experienced-based valuable insights around the current topics of discussion. Check the schedule below and register for a session to catch us live in action.

Face to Face

Interactions to Learn and Grow

Join experts from UniApply in a candid conversation with leaders from schools across India to talk about their insightful experiences of what goes behind establishing an educational environment. Witness what they say about navigating and overcoming the challenges to transform and revolutionize the education industry.


Teacher Excellence Awards

Despite the overwhelming crisis and pandemic, our teachers have shown immense courage to provide seamless learning experiences for every student. The Teacher Excellence Awards is an initiative to recognize and felicitate the efforts made by the teachers to impart quality education under multiple categories from Delhi NCR & Maharashtra.


How often have we seen our kids dreaming of space and galaxies and then giving up on that dream as they grow up? Aren’t we still lacking in guiding the students in helping them pursue their dream profession? In line with this thought UniApply's Career Quiz Competition 2021 is our initiative to not only run a quiz competition but also to enrich and nurture students to take charge of their future.
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