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How to find ideal Schools near me?

Find schools nearby in three easy steps:

Discover schools around you. Tell us where you are and we’ll find schools near you! It is quick, easy, and convenient for you to find schools near you in these steps.

1. Tell us where you are. You could share or search for your location.
2. Set preferences about the kind of schools you are searching for your child.
3. Hit search to find schools near your hassle-free!

How to Find Schools Near by Me?

Be it the metropolitan cities of the country or any region of the NCR, it is important to search for schools in the near by area. Instead of visiting the school physically, you can quickly search for schools near by me using UniApply. UniApply is enabled to detect your location automatically and within a few seconds, it will show you schools near by your current location. A long of list of schools will be displayed ending all your 'near by schools in my location' or 'schools near me' queries.

Apart from this, you can also check out schools in other cities as well. To find schools located in any other locality, you just have to select the right location from the options available. As soon as you choose the city, you will be presented with a long list of near by schools in the chosen area.

How to Find Schools Near Me in your City?

UniApply is here to help you find the best-match school in 18 cities. Just visit our website or download our app and select the city of your choice. Currently, we are available in the following cities-

How UniApply Help?

UniApply is your one-stop solution for school admissions. On UniApply, you can begin by exploring near by school in your preferable city. Easily shortlist them in a single click and share them with your friends and family. Once you have shortlisted a few schools, you can easily compare them on UniApply and make an informed decision based on parameters like distance, fees, extra-curricular activities, education board, etc. After comparison, you can apply to as many schools as you want through our one-single application form.

How to Apply Online Through UniApply?

Follow the below mentioned simple steps to submit your application through UniApply-

  • Login to www.uniapply.com or download our application
  • Begin by exploring the schools in your locality and shortlist them
  • Select the right class for your child and then click on the apply button
  • Fill your child's details in the common application form
  • Submit your application by paying the application fee
  • As you submit your application, you would have applied to all the selected schools through one application form

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy. If you’re looking for a school near your current location, simply switch on the GPS on your device and hit the search button that’s available on this page. You’ll have a list of schools nearby you with all their information about the campus, fees, admission dates, and more.
Definitely. UniApply lets you find the right school for your child with no hassle. Simply tell us where you are, what are you looking for, and there! You are done It’s that simple.
You might want to find that out yourself. Filter out schools based on boards that you’re looking for and we’ll do the heavy-lifting.
With so much on the internet, it can be quite a hassle to tread through various information. UniApply lets you find schools and everything reliable about it.
We understand it might be a nightmare trying to manage too many contact numbers and information about schools. That’s why we at UniApply let you save and connect to schools in a click! You could also choose to have reminders so you never miss an important date.
It seems you have blocked the location.
It is required to find out the nearest school.