How Can a Gap in Early Childhood Education Affect a Child’s Future?

In an unprecedented time of COVID-19 and unfavourable circumstances accompanied by it, it is natural for parents to think of taking a gap in the early childhood education for their child. Many parents tend to forego pre-school education by considering it as a non-vital step in shaping up their child’s future. However, education is a continuous and comprehensive learning process that begins right from the early childhood years where the child develops the skills and acquires adeptness in the formal & non-formal learning settings. It remains paramount that the children imbibe the desire of learning in the initial stages of their lives to lay a solid future for themselves. In their early childhood years, wise and informed decision-making by parents can embark on the systematic growth of their child.

What is Early Childhood Education?

The concept of Early Childhood Education (ECE) which is implemented in classes such as Nursery, Kindergarten, Preschool, and Montessori aims to improve the cognitive and social development of children aged between 3 to 5 years. Early childhood education interventions can aid in the overall development of the child as well as enhance the child’s readiness to take formal education in the subsequent years. This Pre-school education fosters a rich environment for brain development and gives the child a healthy space for creativity.

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  • Studies have also shown that 80% of brain development happens in the first five years of a child and taking a gap of 1 to 2 years in the initial years can hamper 30% of your child’s brain development and put his future in a precarious position.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The impact of providing the right and quality education in the early years of childhood is immense and taking chances to take a gap of a year or two will be equivalent to missing out on the below-listed benefits accompanied with early childhood education which would eventually affect the child’s future.

Five key benefits of ECE:

  1. Socialization: For children between the age group of 3 to 5 years, Pre-schools are their first step away from home. The seeds of friendship and socialization are sown in this very culture where they meet similar age group kids and mingle with them. Skipping this very phase of early childhood education can push your child into a shell of shyness.
  2. Cooperation and respect: Children develop the art of sharing and caring in this very phase. They inculcate the habit of understanding the needs of other individuals and the ability to share their personal belongings with their mates. Peer learning provides them with a wonderful platform to enhance friendship through respect, cooperation, and assistance.
  3. Holistic development: This early childhood education lays the foundation stone for the emotional, physical, and mental development of their child. Teachers who handle young children are well trained to identify the weaker aspects of a child and to encourage them to improve through practical sessions. Their assessments can help in shaping the positive development of a child.
  4. Lifelong Learning and Enthusiasm: When early childhood education is provided to children, their enthusiasm for learning is nurtured and nourished appropriately. It leads to positive well-being and enhances their readiness to adopt change and be optimistic towards things.
  5. Value of Education: Early childhood education is an environment that gives them an entirely different perspective towards education. It also helps them build concentration through regular occurring activities and also opens up new horizons, likings, and aspirations for a child.

For instance, in today’s scenario, COVID-19 has impacted hugely on the physical development aspects of a child and has largely changed the conventional learning mechanisms. This might force parents to avoid planning for their child’s education, however, ECE is essential for shaping up your child’s future. Schools have also ensured that the academic year is not lost and have quickly switched and adapted to digital lessons, virtual classrooms, and online learning activities. Time is precious these days and taking a gap in these crucial years in the development of cognitive and emotional abilities of your child can create a huge impact on your child’s future.

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