Guidelines for CBSE Class 12: Result will be declared on July 31

On 18/06/2021, Central Board of Secondary Education released guiding principles to support result committees and schools in the result of Class 12. There will be an IT System which will be made accessible to all schools for the calculation of CBSE Class 12 results. This IT system will help in easing down the calculation work for school by reducing time taken and human error. It will also populate the result of Class 10 students passed from CBSE.


  • IT system for schools
  • Marking Scheme
  • CBSE Formula
  • ICSE Formula
  • Declaration of Result

IT system for schools

Board will provide a portal to the schools for updating the information about Class 10 roll no, board and year with a view to ensure correct data on June 21. CBSE Board will also create a help desk to support the schools in the formation of CBSE class 10 and 12 results.

Schools will be providing theory marks of class 10 for those students who passed class 10 from other boards, as per the notification. Schools should also provide the final theory marks for Class 11 as well as Marks of unit test, mid-terms and pre-board for proposed final theory marks of CBSE class 12. CBSE Board has also recommended schools to form a committee for results.

Marking Scheme

The calculation of marks for theory section will be on the basis of a 40:30:30 formula according to the students’ performance in Classes 12, 11 and 10, respectively, as per the report submitted by The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to the Supreme Court on 17/06/2021. The bench of Justices Dinesh Maheshwari and A M Khanwilkar, while asserting that there was no point of drawing back its earlier conclusion to accept Cancellation of the CBSE Class XII board exams because of the Covid-19 situation, acknowledged the ICSE and CBSE Board marking schemes for evaluating results of students based on their performance in CBSE Classes XII, XI and X.

“After the examination of the marking scheme presented by the concerned Boards, we have no hesitation in accepting and permitting the same for the Boards to progress on that basis,” the bench said.

The marking scheme must integrate two aspects – Firstly, providing a Dispute Resolution mechanism, in case the students want to apply for correction in the final result declaration by the respective Boards. Secondly, the time-line needs to be specified for (a) announcement of the result and (b) the date before which the optional examination can take place, subject to conducive situation and logistical constraints”.

“As evaluation of marks for Class XI and Class XII will be awarded at the school level, schools will not be able to compare results across schools because of the difference in the evaluation standard, quality of question papers and processes, the mode of conduct of exams etc. Therefore, to guarantee standardization, each school will internally moderate the marks to account for the school level disparities by using a reliable orientation standard.”

“For regulating the marks evaluated by the school for 2020-2021, the past performance of the school, in terms of the overall best performance in the Board examination of previous 3 years’, will be taken as the reference. For e.g., if in a particular school, the total average of students in 2017-18 is 73%, in 2018-19 is 75% and in 2019-20, it is 71%, the school will be using the subject-wise average of 2018-19 for moderation, which are the highest for moderation. Therefore, the selected year will be used as a reference year for the school,” he added.

CBSE Formula

Under the marking scheme of CBSE, following will be the components which will be used to arrive at the formula:

  1. While evaluating the theory section, Class XII will get 40 per cent weightage while that of Classes XI and X performances will be given 30% weightage each.
  2. The basis of Class XII marks evaluation will be Unit Test/Mid-Term/Pre-Board exams.
  3. The basis of Class XI marks evaluation will be the theory component of the final exam.
  4. Class X marks are based on the average theory component of the best three performing subjects out of the main five subjects.
  5. The Practical/Internal Assessment etc. for Class XII will be on the basis of marks uploaded by the school on the portal of CBSE.
  6. Every school needs to form a Result Committee which will comprise 5 members for the evaluation, and total marks awarded would be in agreement with the past performance of the school in board examinations of Class XII.
  7. Students who will not be able to meet the passing criterion will be placed in “Compartment” or “Essential Repeat” category.

ICSE Formula

Under the marking scheme of ICSE, following will be the components which will be used to arrive at the formula:
(i) Percentage in board examinations of Class X
(ii) Practical & Project Work in the subjects
(iii) Candidates’ performance in the school examinations for the subjects in Classes XI and XII, will be measured through their best marks obtained in the 2 years (referred to as raw marks)
(iv) The best performance of the schools among the last six years.
“The 1st factor will measure the overall proficiency of the candidates, the next 2 factors will evaluate the subject proficiency, while the last will measure the general quality of the schools the students are appearing from,” the bench was told.

Declaration of Result

On the basis of the schedule submitted by the Board in the Supreme Court, schools will have to finalize the results & upload marks on the Board’s link by July 15, after which result will be declared on July 31.

Students not content with such an evaluation process “will be given a chance to appear in examinations which will be conducted by the board, when the conditions are conducive for holding the examinations, as per this policy, marks will be considered scored in later exams,” the CBSE said.

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