The Role of Parents’ Interviews in School Admissions with Important Questions & Answers

During school admissions, the interview with parents plays one of the most significant and decisive roles. Parents are often not aware or do not pay as much attention to it while doing their own research on selecting the right school for their child, applying to them, and preparing their child for their interviews.

The parents’ interview and one-on-one sessions with the school authorities serve as a direct platform for both to understand the most suitable approach for the child’s comprehensive growth. It’s very important for parents to be honest and true to their selves during these sessions. The school representatives need to know the parents before they take the responsibility of their child’s education and enter into a long-term affiliation with them.

Parents’ interview for nursery admissions or high school admissions is also intended for the schools to understand the parents’ views and approach to their child’s education and growth. As they say, a child’s education begins at home. Keeping this in mind, they may also want to know their lifestyle and the environment at home. As a parent, you should not only be aware of the unfavorable traits of the child but also of their interest areas and hobbies because that helps us the schools in providing the right platform for them.

Take this time as an opportunity to ask the right questions that reflect deep interest in your child’s education. Too many irrelevant or insignificant questions may reflect that you have not done your research. In our last blog post, we shared how you can search for ‘schools near me’, compare and shortlist them based on key available information on schools, and apply to the ones best suited for your child via UniApply’s Common Admission Form.

Interview Questions and Answers for Parents for School Admissions

Please find some important high school and nursery interview questions and answers for parents for admissions below

1. What are your educational qualifications?

The school intend to know how you, as parents, plan to use your educational background to nurture your child’s future.

2. Do you live in a joint or nuclear family?

The answer to this question will not impede your child’s admission to the school, so there’s no need to worry. They just want to know what environment will your child be raised in, who will take care of them if you are at work, or who may appear for parent-teacher meetings on your behalf.

3. Do both parents’ work?

This may refer to the environment your child is raised in and its impact in their development. They may want to know how actively you will be invested in their education.

4. How would you describe your child’s nature?

The child will be outside their comfort zone for the first time at the school. They want to know how your child will cope with being separated from you, how they generally react to strangers and other children. The teachers will accordingly engage with them in a specific manner.

5. Why did you select this particular school?

This will provide them an insight into what you want for your child’s education and their future, and how it aligns with the school’s curriculum and approach to studies.

6. Have you ever punished your child? Why and how?

The answer to this question will help them gain insight into your approach to discipline and any disciplinary issues your child may have.

7. What do you believe to be your role in your child’s education?

Some parents plan to be with their children every step along the way, while others may choose to do the opposite. A combination of the two work best. The school wants to know who will influence the child’s education at home and how.

So, these were some school admission interview questions and answers for parents along with tips to help you make the right decision.

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While these are significant times and questions, know that there is no need to be too anxious; there’s ample time for your child to grow and become an intelligent and responsible adult. This is after all only one small step forward in your child’s education. You could do a mock interview with your partner which could help you explore each other’s views and approach towards your child’s education and development.

Note that you should not answer any questions directed towards your child as they may want to how comfortable and confident, they are when speaking to strangers.

Also note that registrations for nursery admission in Delhi are now open. You can search for ‘nearby nursery schools’ on UniApply, to explore, compare, shortlist, and apply to your preferred schools with a Common Application Form.

All the best!

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