IGCSE Board: What is IGCSE Board – Full form & Advantages of IGCSE Board

What is the full form of IGCSE Board?

The full form of IGCSE is the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

IGCSE full form in Hindi is इंटरनेशनल जनरल सर्टिफिकेट ऑफ सेकेंडरी एजुकेशन

The IGCSE is an English language-based examination developed by the University of Cambridge Assessment International Education(CAIE), recognized in the United Kingdom. IGCSE is similar to the GCSE and supports International acceptability. The IGCSE is an internationally recognized and accepted qualification for 14 to 16-year-old students. It is accepted by some of the top universities and employers all over the world.

Boards offering IGCSE

Cambridge Assessment Internal Education(CAIE) and Pearson Edexcel and are the examination boards that offer IGCSE. The schools are allowed to choose the board through which they prefer to offer the IGCSE. The universities further do not emphasize on the board used for studying though, achieving a high grade is well accepted by them.

Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum

Cambridge IGCSE offers more than 70 subjects and 30 languages. These are available in multiple combinations. Multiple languages aim to include students from multiple linguistic backgrounds. The IGCSE curriculum allows a student to opt for a minimum of 5 and not more than 14 subjects. Core subjects for IGCSE are:

  1. First Language
  2. Second Language
  3. Mathematics and
  4. One or multiple subjects in Science

Students can also choose subjects like Social Science, Arts, and Technology among others. The extended curriculum is more like a specialization in a particular subject.

The curriculum is quite flexible and aims to develop learner’s knowledge, understanding, and skills in:

  • Intellectual enquiry
  • Adaptation and responding to change
  • Interaction and communication in English
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Subject Content
  • Application of knowledge and understanding to new and familiar situations

IGCSE does not have a prescribed syllabus due to its global perspective. Students are free to choose the most recommended set of books for the subjects that they have chosen.

IGCSE Recognition

More than 10,000 schools in around 160 countries recognize IGCSE. India itself offers IGCSE in around 500 schools.

IGCSE Course Duration

The IGCSE is a 2-year program starting at class 9 level. CIE has also launched its Cambridge International Primary Programme, which allows students to enroll for the IGCSE beginning from the age of 5 until the age of 18 years.

IGCSE Examinations

IGCSE conducts its exams in February, May, and October and releases its results in the months of May, August and January respectively.

IGCSE Grading System

The students are assessed on an eight-point grading scale, ranging from A+ to G, where A+ is the highest grade awarded.

Is IGCSE an Indian Board?

IGCSE is an education board recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the Higher Education Department, and the Government of India.

Features of IGCSE

  • IGCSE is recognized at a global level. It is considered equivalent to the Certificate of Secondary Education(CSE) in India and the General Certificate of Secondary Education(GCSE).
  • IGCSE creates an ideal foundation for higher level courses like the International Baccalaureate Diploma program (IBDP) and the North America Advanced Placement Test (APT).
  • The qualifications are based on individual subjects of study which means that you receive an IGCSE qualification for every subject that you undertake.
  • The IGCSE program offers additional value to the national context and supports Internationalism.
  • With IGCSE, a candidate is not assessed only on the basis of regular written papers, but also the verbal and listening tests are marked.

Advantages of IGCSE

  • IGCSE prepares students for higher studies with its content-rich programme.
  • It supports a cultural identity via specific language and literature courses.
  • IGCSE syllabus provides a global outlook to its students wherein they could. It is international in outlook but locally relevant. 
  • ICSE embeds learning and investigative skills, and a problem-solving approach in students.
  • The IGCSE focuses on gaining knowledge and only the marks achieved are not the priority.
  • IGCSE is mainly preferred by students who wish to pursue their higher studies in the UK and abroad.
  • The IGCSE prioritizes practical knowledge over conceptual concepts.
IGCSE Schools in India

Some schools that offer IGCSE in India are:

How to find IGCSE schools near you?

We often find it difficult to choose the perfect school for our child. Moreover, the numerous information on the internet is enough to confuse parents rather than help them. Parents continuously search the web for information. They often use phrases like ‘IGCSE schools near me’, but are still not able to get through the details they are looking for.

To ease this process, UniApply has created a single place for finding all the relevant information regarding schools, their address, contact, admission process and more details.

Just visit and go through https://www.uniapply.com/ .

UniApply is a common application platform that simplifies the entire school search process, application and enrollment for both parents and students. It allows you to apply in multiple schools using a single form.

Here you can search for a school by selecting the board of your choice. For instance, if you wish to search for a school offering education via IGCSE, you simply have to select the board as IGCSE from the bottom row mentioning the common boards.

You can also choose a school in your locality by selecting a city and clicking on the DISCOVER LOCALITIES tab, wherein you can enter a nearby location and a number of schools located in that area will get displayed.

It is primitive to build students on strong foundations while they are moving towards the final years of their schooling. Choosing the board is an important step, the decision should be made wisely, keeping the interests of the child in mind.

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