ICSE Full Form: What is ICSE Board – Advantages of ICSE Board

ICSE Full Form: What is the full form of ICSE Board?

The full form of ICSE is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.
ICSE full form in Hindi is “माध्यमिक शिक्षा के भारतीय प्रमाण पत्र”.

What is ICSE Board?

The ICSE is an examination conducted by the CISCE(Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), a private board that has been established to dispense examination for the course of General Education, as per the recommendations made by the New Education Policy,1986, via the medium of English.
The board has been acknowledged at both national and international level.

The Council(CISCE):

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations(CISCE) is a non-governmental, private board for school education in the nation. The council keeps on updating its methodologies in the area of education to provide a new outlook to ensure delivery of high-quality and effective teaching and learning techniques. They are always eager to adopt new syllabus, curriculum frameworks and assessment systems to make the education system challenging and intriguing to develop the potential of a child to the zenith.

List of ICSE Schools

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Divisions of the Council

  • ICSE(Class Xth): The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education examination has been created to provide for an examination in the course of General Education. It presumes a school education of a span of 10 years(classes I-X). It has been set as per the recommendations of the New Education Policy 1986, via the medium of English. In ICSE, the students are required to appear for a total of six subjects and socially useful productive work.
  • ISC(Class XIIth): The Indian School Certificate examination has been designed to be pursued after studying a course of 2 years beyond the ICSE examination or its equivalent. The examination has been set up as per the recommendations of the New Education Policy,1986, through English as its medium. All students enrolled in the course have to appear for English as a compulsory subject with 3 to 5 elective subjects and a passing grade in Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service being made mandatory.
  • CVE(Year 12): The Certificate of Vocational Education examination is tailor made to support and prepare the students for specific vocations. This has been created under the due recommendations of the MHRD(Ministry of Human Resource Development) via the Joint Council of Vocation Education(JCVE) with English as its medium.

Private candidates are not allowed to sit for any of these examinations.

Here are some points that you should consider before selecting a suitable board for your child’s education.

Advantages of ICSE Board

  • Curriculum: The ICSE follows an extensive syllabus with few compulsory subjects and a list of optional subjects to be chosen. Subjects in ICSE have been divided into three main groups. It aims to embed problem solving skills in students.
  • Teaching Methodology: The ICSE follows an application based teaching methodology where the focus is more on practical training rather than just the theoretical concepts. It enriches the analytical skills of its students.
  • Teacher Training: The CISCE organises multiple programmes online for giving necessary training and guidance to the teachers. The training includes mentoring the teachers on the areas of educational concerns, innovative teaching practices, updated syllabus and management skills required in imparting quality education to the students.
  • Awards: The CISCE conducts various competitions and bestows awards to make the schools and teachers understand the art of creativity and the vital role of articulating one’s thoughts in verbal and writing in school education.
  • Global Competitive Exams: The board provides quality training for competitive exams and prepares its students to stand alongside the most intellectual minds.
  • Privileges to children with special needs: The council grants special consideration to candidates who are handicapped in a certain way and makes required arrangements to help them so that their performance does not get affected during the ICSE and ISC Examinations.

Subjects in ICSE

The subjects covered by ICSE fall under three divisions:

Group 1 consists of all the compulsory subjects, while you are allowed to opt for any two or three subjects from the second group and one subject from Group 3.
The table below displays the subjects of Class IX and X.

Group 1Group 2Group 3
Second LanguagePhysics, Chemistry, BiologyDance
History,Civics and GeographyEconomicsArt
Science ApplicationModern foreign languageTechnical Drawing
 Environmental ScienceYoga
 One Classical LanguageMass Media and Communication
  Computer Applications
  Physical Education
  Commercial Applications
  Environmental Applications
  Economic Applications
  Performing Arts
  Modern Foreign Language
  Instrumental Music
  Carnatic Music
  Hindustani Music

The result of ICSE is released by considering marks in best five subjects out of six, where English marks are mandatory.

How to find ICSE Schools Near You?

It is often difficult for parents to find a good school that is as per their requirement and the one that lies near to their locality. They often browse the internet with phrases like ‘good ICSE Schools near me’, but are not able to link to the right site.

To avoid this problem and save your precious time, just visit UniApply – Allow your location, Click on the header “Explore Schools” and select “Board” filter from left side. You will get the list of CISCE schools in your location.

UniApply is a common application platform that simplifies the entire school search process, application and enrollment for both parents and students. It allows you to apply in multiple schools using a single form.

Here, you can make a search easily by allowing it to detect your location and search all the nearby schools. Or, make use of the UniApply search box to search an ICSE school nearby easily. You can make use of the options available on the website wherein you can put a filter on the board like CBSE, ICSE and more, and it will display all the schools affiliated to that particular board. You can also select the city of your choice to locate all the schools in that particular city. All the schools listed there contain the relevant details like the address, courses, classes going on, monthly fees, the student faculty ratio and more. You can easily shortlist the schools based on your requirement and compare them easily.

A child’s outlook towards education is defined primarily by the choice of the Board, so parents must make a wise decision in this regard.

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