Why UniApply?

Multiply Opportunities

Be seen. Get deeper insights about parents who're searching for you on UniApply.

Manage your listing

Keep your school’s profile up to date. Our BI powered dashboard gives you real-time data so you know when to optimize.

Automate Admissions

Accept applications with ease. Automate applicant's score calculation, ranking and shortlisting along with timely communication with parents.

Insight into your data

Know how parents search for your school and how you stand amidst others in the city. Understand your audience's pool to strategize and manage your presence better.

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What does UniApply offer?


Power to connect
  • Add or update your UniApply school information like admission dates, photos and more
  • Get verified tag to further school's credibility
  • Manage and increase your Brand's awareness and reach

Scale Non - Exclusive

Seamless Growth
  • Use the common application platform to accept and process applications.
  • Access to keep track of parent sentiments, competitive benchmarking and market trends.
  • Power to measure, analyse applicant's profile using a powerful one view Admission dashboard.
  • + Reach

Scale Exclusive

Be a Leader
  • Be a part of UniApply's marketing campaigns and optimize your spends.
  • Get a UniApply powered widget for your website.
  • Formulate informed targeting techniques
  • High visibility on the platform.
  • + Scale (Non Exclusive)

Want to know more

For any questions about Uniapply, you can fill this enquiry form and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listing with UniApply is a simple process.
1. Fill your details in the enquiry box above.
2. Our team will contact you to get the school details.
3. Within 24 hours of your sending the details they will be updated on the site.
UniApply is where your audience is - parents are exploring schools, comparing them, along with providing their opinions around school admissions. You should maximize your chances of admissions by highlighting your strengths and key details with UniApply.
Listing your school with UniApply is absolutely free. You can also update your school details like facilities, fees, admission dates etc. without any charges.
UniApply offers analytical data that lets you gauge parent sentiments and opinions about your school. You can also perform competitive benchmarking to stay ahead of your competition.
Yes, you can completely automate your admission process with UniApply. To know more you can email us at schools@uniapply.com or call us at +91-9311455336.
Letterhead signed by School Principal is the only document required to list your school with UniApply.
It seems you have blocked the location.
It is required to find out the nearest school.