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Is it time to go back to school? Should schools get reopened?

19th August, 2021
3 PM
Is it time to go back to school? Should schools get reopened?

Is it time to go back to school? Should schools get reopened?

The continuous shifting in the statistics and curve of Covid-19 numbers are confusing not only parents but the authorities also. Hence, the question arises, are school authorities and students ready to switch back to regular classes? UniApply recently ran a survey to gauge opinion of schools, parents and students to know what they think about reopening the schools.

In this session, catch the industry experts sharing their opinion on the reopening of schools in Delhi.

Key concerns to be discussed in this session:
  1. How can reopening of the schools impact the overall growth of the child that has been hampered by the lockdown?
  2. Are there some ways to ensure offline learning while maintaining covid protocols?
  3. What should be the ways to prioritise which classes should switch to offline mode first?
  4. Should we continue using technology in offline mode? Can there be a way to inculcate online learning methods in offline classes as well?
19 th August, 2021
3 PM
Impact and road ahead for class 12th students

Impact and road ahead for class 12th students on college/university admissions in India.

We are in an era which poses challenges of encountering surprising situations for the society. The pandemic has brought many life altering changes but cancellation of 12th boards carry with it a huge disruption. The aspiring students are shook by the statement. It is a foregone conclusion that the Covid-19 pandemic has had an adverse effect on the education system. What will be road down further for students seeking admissions for college/university?

The session will focus on key points:
  1. What should be the next action steps for students to plan for a stable future?
  2. Will there be any effect on colleges/university admission criterias?
  3. What are the changes/transitions to expect in the upcoming admission session.
  4. Are the colleges/universities prepared for upcoming change with board cancellations?
The future of Education in the post pandemic era

The future of Education in the pandemic era, moving from brick to click & click to brick and a combination of brick and click.

The pandemic has affected teaching-learning in academic institutions across the globe. Traditionally, teaching-learning happens in brick-and-mortar schools however the COVID-19 outbreak has led educational institutions to adopt several digital technologies to teach online. The journey from brick to click was very fast and how children and teachers adapted the same? What are the learnings and gaps which can be filled in to smoothen the process further?

What does the session hold for you?
  1. How students have adapted virtual learning moving from physical classes to online classes?
  2. What technologies schools are using to ensure the learning is provided to students across all classes?
  3. How schools are ensuring that the child is managing the online learning effectively and there is balance between screen time and other activities?
  4. How schools are sharing assignments and driving the practical classes through online mode?
The future of Education in the post pandemic era

Engaging and Assessing Learning and Social-Emotional Well-Being of students.

The pandemic has induced a disruption into many students lives, which may make it difficult for them to learn. Disruptions to students mental and emotional health, social systems of support, and learning environments require a new focus on social and emotional well-being. At the same time, pandemic-related school disruptions have put a heightened focus on the need to understand student learning.

What does the session hold for you?
  1. What are the methods in which the schools and educators are engaging with the students?
  2. How can educators monitor student learning and social-emotional well-being during school disruptions?
  3. What educators and schools are doing to increase social engagement for the development of the students?
  4. Measurement now is more critical than ever, but requires new methods of assessing students and new approaches for analyzing and acting upon the data how schools are measuring the learning outcomes?
  5. How can evidence based practices help improve systems and be used to identify students for targeted support required to engage in learning?
How teachers adapted from Blackboard to Digital Screens?

How teachers adapted from Blackboard to Digital Screens?

Education industry’s been hit by the pandemic & it’s been tough for both the teachers and students to adapt with the digital ways of delivering and absorbing the knowledge, respectively. However, this digital expansion beyond the traditional boundaries has witnessed exponential growth. The personalized learning pathways have emerged and the teachers have created an environment that is completely learner-centric.

What does the session hold for you?
  1. Experts identifying the gaps between the processes - why and upto what extent are current processes siloed & disconnected?
  2. Discussion on how stakeholders have adapted to this new landscape & the ways in which they can deliver the best outcome possible.
  3. Taking a look at emerging, personalized ways to stay learner-centric & accommodating students regardless of time, place & mode of instruction.
How are schools leveraging technology for Nursery Admissions in Delhi

Changing landscape of the school admissions in the Covid era?

The world has shifted to digital & so have the admissions countrywide. Like many sectors, the education industry has been hit immensely by the outbreak of pandemic. In order to sustain in these unprecedented times, the whole admission landscape needs to undergo transformation. What does the session hold for you?

What does the session hold for you?
  1. Discuss the Dos & Don’ts in the changing landscape of school admissions.
  2. Explore new avenues & discover the latest industry hacks.
  3. Get to know the e ways the entire K-12 ecosystem can gain more visibility on the web & accelerate their admissions in 2021.
  4. Listen to success stories from industry leaders.
How are schools leveraging technology for Nursery Admissions in Delhi

How Delhi Schools are leveraging technology for Nursery Admissions for 2021-22 session?

The Directorate of Education (DOE) has finally declared the commencement of Nursery Admissions in Delhi from February 18th 2021. Traditionally the nursery admissions in Delhi used to happen largely in an offline mode however this year is a different year. Hear from the Delhi School Principals on how they are leveraging technology in the application and admissions process this year.

What does the session hold for you?
  1. Nursery application and admission process for schools in Delhi?
  2. Online Vs Offline admissions and its impact on applications?
  3. Technological hacks that eminent schools are deploying and are worth adopting?
  4. How parents are adapting to the new process?
Hybrid learning work

How to make Hybrid learning work once schools reopen?

Schools across the country have started to reopen for higher grades (from class 9th to 12th) in a phased manner. A large number of schools across various states in India are using hybrid models of instruction. More than understanding the nature of Hybrid Learning, it is essential to learn the right way of practising such a disruptive approach.

What does the session hold for you?
  1. Discussion on what it takes to deliver instructions under these unique circumstances.
  2. Experts talking about the biggest challenges that the schools are facing or are going to face in times to come.
  3. What hybrid model will best suit a particular type of school infrastructure.
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