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MOM- Moments of Marketing presents you the highlights of our valuable associations with brands from multiple industries. Our association with elite members of the industry help us in organising or being a part of out-of-the-box events initiated for students, teachers and parents. We believe that being associated with such fun and quirky activities helps us in fostering our relationships with schools and parents, which helps us get closer to our aim of digitising the school admission process.
HCL Jigsaw

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HCL Jigsaw
HCL Jigsaw

To get the students' focus aligned on critical thinking as outlined by New Education Policy, HCL has launched the 3rd edition of its Jigsaw contest. It is devised to identify and award India's Top Young Problem Solvers through a multi-layered evaluation process. HCL Jigsaw assesses school students in grades 6 to 9 on key 21st-century skills including research, critical thinking and communication, and helps them apply these in solving challenges in real world.

The competition will take place virtually in three rounds (Qualifiers, Semifinals and Finale) in August 2022.
  1. All students participating in HCL Jigsaw will receive a personalized skill assessment report of their performance, giving them a roadmap for improvement and development areas
  2. The total prize purse is Rs 12 lakhs for winners and finalists
  3. Winners will also get a learning opportunity at HCL Engineering and Innovation labs
  4. All participants need to have a laptop/tablet / good internet connection/ know-how of Zoom for a better and seamless experience
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