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Prometheus School, Sector 131, Noida School Building
Classes OfferedToddler - Class 12
Monthly Fees - Nursery23.3K
Student Faculty Ratio12:1
Amity Global School, Sector 44, Noida School Building
Classes OfferedNursery - Class 12
Monthly Fees - Nursery23.5K
Student Faculty Ratio15:1
PATHWAYS School Noida, Sector 100, Noida School Building

PATHWAYS School Noida  Sector 100, Noida

Classes OfferedPre-Nursery - Class 12
Monthly Fees - Pre-Nursery34.2K
Student Faculty Ratio10:1
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IB Board Schools in Noida

Giving kids a good foundational education is important because it sets them up for success in the future. The school years have an impact on students' entire development, therefore it's critical to give students a positive educational experience and enroll them in a school that supports their growth to the fullest. Many considerations are made while enrolling a child in school, and one of these considerations is the board that the school adheres to. In India, there are numerous educational boards, including CBSE, ICSE, state boards, and numerous others. With the rapid increase in globalization, it is important to prepare students according to global standards. We will discuss the International Baccalaureate (IB) and top IB board schools in Noida in this article. This blog will help you in narrowing down the hunt for a good IB school in Noida and all the other important things that you need to know about school admission.

The IB Board and Its Advantages

International Baccalaureate, or IB, was established in 1968 and maintains its main office in Geneva, Switzerland. It focuses on kids' creativity while offering standardized education to students all over the world. It is centered on the needs of the child and promotes inquiry-based learning so that kids can grow to be inquisitive. It operates independently of any governmental or national systems as a worldwide community of schools. Compared to other boards, IB schools are less widespread in India, but they place a strong emphasis on developing students' critical thinking abilities. Mentioned below are some advantages of IB that you can consider while selecting an education board for your students:

  • It has a knowledge-based curriculum that is well-balanced with extra-curricular activities.
  • Encourages students to think critically so that they can handle complex situations easily.
  • Being an international organization makes the procedure of admission to foreign universities much easier.

IB Board Schools in Noida with Fees Structure

School fees of IB schools are on a bit higher side because of the education quality they provide. Else it depends on a lot of other factors like the infrastructure of the school, extracurricular activities that it provides, and various other things. The fee structure of IB Board schools in Noida ranges from INR 4K to 50K per month.

IB Board Schools in NoidaMonthly FeeView Fee Structure
Prometheus School23.3KView Fee Structure
PATHWAYS School Noida34.2KView Fee Structure

Admission Criteria of IB Board Schools in Noida

Admission criteria for IB schools are very inclusive and open like other board schools. Some schools give admission based on the results of previous classes irrespective of the board and some schools conduct proper entrance exams to know about the potential of the students. Students of the senior classes also have to face interviews to get admission to some schools. Parents just need to look out for the commencement of admissions and submit important documents:

  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Previous years and current (ongoing) year’s academic progress cards
  • Original Transfer Certificate (for 2nd grade and above only)
  • Address Proof
  • Passport size photographs of the student
  • Passport size photograph of the parents
  • Parents details (optional)
  • Aadhaar Card of the student & Parents

How UniApply helps you in Finding the Best IB Schools Near me?

Looking for good schools that meet different criteria and are in your locality can be a task. UniApply is a one-stop solution for exploring and finding the best schools around you and you can look for IB schools as well. All you need to do is visit the UniApply website and go on explore schools. There you can add different filters according to the location, the kind of board you are looking for, and the fee range. In the location filter, you need to add Noida and in the board's filter you need to add IB by doing so you will be able to find good IB board schools in Noida and measure them on different criteria. 

UniApply also gives you the facility to compare different schools based on different comparison points so that you can select the best school for your child and provide them with a better future. 

How to Apply Online for Admission to IB Board Schools in Noida?

The application process begins once you have finished researching schools and have decided which ones you want to apply to. You receive assistance from UniApply at this point as well; in fact, it makes your work easier.

You can add as many schools as you like to your cart while researching IB board schools in Noida on UniApply. After choosing your institution, all you have to do is complete a standard form, send in your payment, and submit your application. In this way, you can apply simultaneously to all the schools of your choice.

Thus, we hope that we have assisted you in the process of hunting IB board schools in Noida. If you want to provide your child with global standards of education and prepare them in a way that they develop critical thinking then the IB board should be in your consideration. Visit the UniApply website now to simplify your admission process and get your hands on the best IB board schools by comparing them with other schools. 

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